The Consortium

The SECCRIT consortium is composed of a balanced team of complementary organisations including industrial partners, research centres and universities, all of them with strong experience in the fields of cloud computing and information security in order to gather the necessary expertise required by the project. Additionally, three end users of cloud computing solutions in the critical infrastructure area are part of the SECCRIT consortium, so it is ensured that SECCRIT will have a strong user-driven approach. Each organisation provides its unique expertise: research centres and universities contribute with their analysis, methodological, dissemination support and development work, the industrial companies bring into the group their knowledge and leadership in the security area, secure software architectures and technological development, and finally, end users provide their unique expertise and knowledge in managing critical infrastructures, applying cloud-based technologies, identifying threats and risks and extracting their concrete requirements in the area of cyber security in CI. All these partners make the SECCRIT approach possible.

The consortium consists of the following organisations: