The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is an Austrian research institute with a Europe-an format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT Department of Safety & Security focuses on these two important aspects of ever-increasing relevance for today’s citizens, which will also take centre stage in the information society of tomorrow.

  • “Safety” is in our case related to technologies and refers to the personal safety of individuals, which is directly or indirectly dependent on the proper functioning or availability of an in-formation processing and/or autonomous system.
  • “Security” rather refers to the protection of information and the prevention of any potential violation through unauthorized access to or alteration of personal information. Security may also refer to classical security techniques (surveillance) that are supported by information technology.

The Department of Safety & Security is making a significant contribution to ICT and is devoting concerted efforts to guaranteeing operational efficiency and reliability of all critical infrastructures – both private and public – especially in times of potential ecological, economic and political crisis. We are committed to fostering the roll-out of national infrastructure as well as the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies in the area of public administration (eGovernment, eEnvironment), power grids, health care (eHealth), transportation networks, payment systems, telecommunications, Internet as well as the business and industrial sector with a view to positioning Austria at the forefront of the European ICT industry.