NEC Corporation produces tailored solutions for the core technologies and services required in a networked world, ranging from advanced semiconductor solutions, to large-scale mission-critical systems, systems integration, and broadband and mobile technologies. The NEC group employs more than 155,000 people with a multi-billion dollar sales volume worldwide. NEC began business in Europe in the early 1970s. Today, NEC has 19 affiliated companies with over 5000 employees in Europe alone. NEC Europe Ltd., which is wholly owned by NEC Corporation, was established in London in 1993. The NEC Laboratories Europe in Heidelberg, Germany, have been established in 1997. A special emphasis here lies on solutions that meet the needs of NEC’s European customers, focusing on research and development for the next-generation mobile and fixed networks, and the Future Internet. A strong focus is also placed on contributions to relevant standardization fora, namely 3GPP, TISPAN, IETF and TMF. NEC will use this experience to develop advanced techniques for operational and fault management, as well as tools for root cause diagnosis in cloud environments. In the past, NEC Laboratories Europe has already successfully participated in many EU projects, e.g. DAIDALOS, Ambient Networks, ANA MobiLife, SAIL and UniverSelf, and has played a key role, e.g. 4WARD, CARMEN, Trilogy, NAPAWINE, BeFEMTO and ResumeNet.