Ajuntament De Valencia

The city of Valencia, has a metropolitan area with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants and 500.000 vehicles, and one of the most advanced traffic management centres in Europe.
The Municipality of Valencia operates one of the best traffic infrastructures in Spain, with a traffic control centre from where it is possible to monitor and control in real time all traffic lights in the city to adapt them to the traffic conditions.

The traffic control centre, with more than 40 monitors, operates about 1000 centralised intersec-tions surveyed by 3.000 loop detectors in key locations of the main streets, and more than 700 CCTV cameras, connected to the traffic centre by means of an optical fibre network.
The Municipality of Valencia has an information management system based on Urban Variable Message Signs that provides real time information on alternative routes, the traffic status and the free parking spaces.

Competencies: The Municipality of Valencia, as an end user of SECCRIT, will provide their infra-structure necessary for the trial (Traffic Control Centre, equipment, etc.) and will also provide their collaboration in the definition of user needs and in the demonstration and evaluation of the results of the project.